Reduce Cost

Our team are driven to reduce the cost of energy for our clients, permanently.

Intelligent  Procurement 

Energy costs have risen considerably for most UK companies in recent years and therefore represent a higher proportion of operating expenditure.  In addition, as fixed costs and taxes increase, the wholesale element of energy prices has reduced - this presents opportunity as well as risk.

We provide a bespoke strategy to manage the procurement of energy, for each individual client. Whether we adopt a fixed term retail contract or fleixble wholesale framework, our dedication to minimising costs is manifest in the tangible results we secure.

Risk Management

Our ability to listen proves invaluble when working alongside our clients to develop a strategy that is best suited to their appetite for risk and core business objectives.

The wholesale energy markets are dynamic and can be subject to significant volatility where liquidity exists.  At the same time, we appreciate that risk is no longer confined to our client's exposure to commodity price movements but increasingly to changes in non-commodity charges and usage.

Our approach to risk management focuses on identifying the threats that are unique to each of our client’s individual situations and developing a robust approach to mitigate both energy market and non-commodity risk.

Market Intelligence and Reporting

We provide our clients with monthly, weekly and daily market updates as appropriate – examining price drivers and future market predictions.  All are jargon-free and well-informed.

The variety of data sources we monitor enables our market strategists to form short and long term views of the energy markets, empowering our clients to make the right decisions.

Supplier Engagement

We have worked with UK energy suppliers for over 20 years, nurturing relationships in the supply market whilst maintaining our independent status.

We develop relationships with suppliers at board level ensuring our position in the market is continued to be seen as prominent.

Our aim is to ensure our clients maintain a strong relationship with their suppliers and receive the best level of service. 

All we require is a copy of one of your utility bills and we will review your contract free of charge - Click here to upload.  

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