Strategic Services

Carbon2018 can design and implement an expert energy and sustainability strategy customized to the needs and business goals of your company.

Carbon2018's strategic services include:

  • Purchasing Strategies
    Carbon2018 can advise clients of different purchasing strategies to meet each client’s specific needs, whether it be fixed purchasing, flexible purchasing, basket deals, tendering whole portfolios, early tendering etc. Carbon2018 will recommend the best option to meet client’s specific drivers. Click here for further information.  
  • Risk Management
    Carbon 2018 manages supplier relationships to protect its client’s credit scores and to mitigate against requests for security deposits and other credit stipulations. Budget certainty is achieved by negotiating with suppliers to secure fixed and longer term contracts and thereby protecting a client’s exposure. Click here for further information.  
  • Capital Investment Programmes
    Carbon2018 offers a bespoke Capital Investment Programme to provide guidance to its clients to leverage maximum advantage in terms of efficiency and optimising life expectancy from key energy-consuming equipment. Contact Carbon2018 for further information.  
  • Sustainable Obsolescence
    Obsolescence occurs when there is a loss in value due to a decrease in the usefulness of property. Sustainable obsolescence occurs when an occupier, investor or developer perceives a property as less desirable than an alternative property due to its sustainability credentials. If the sustainable characteristics of a building cannot be improved within certain financial parameters the building will be deemed as sustainably obsolete. Carbon 2018 can carry out an obsolescence audit of your properties and devise progression strategies. Click here for further information.  
  • Refurbishment and Development Strategies
    Refurbishment and development projects offer an ideal opportunity to implement a package of measures that will drastically improve a building’s energy performance. Carbon 2018’s programmes aim for best practice standards and have a proven track record of reducing CO2 emissions. Contact Carbon2018 for further information. 
  • Energy Modelling
    Carbon2018 uses a combination of proprietary software and bespoke computer programmes to provide detailed energy load analysis by using a large array of post-processing macros and algorithms that take the data from the proprietary thermal model and simulate the behaviour of building services systems. We model part-load performance of cooling coils, chillers, boilers, fans and so on together with the energy output of renewable systems such as solar-thermal, wind and photovoltaics. Contact Carbon2018 for further information. 
  • Metering Strategies
    The development of advanced metering solutions can lead to improved energy management and tighter controls on spending. Carbon2018 will recommend the solution that fits your requirements and can manage the entire installation process. Click here for further information.
  • Legislation Guidance
    Legislation is often a burden to many organisations, and with the Government planning to increase the number of targets and the stringency of energy related legislation, this is unlikely to ease. With our wealth of experience and wide range of industry contacts, Carbon2018 is positioned to assist your organisation with all energy related legislation. Click here for further information.
  • Maintenance Strategies
    Carbon2018 can develop maintenance strategies and audit programmes alongside Targeting & Monitoring initiatives to identify anomalies and put in place the necessary reporting between all parties ensuring quick identification and resolution of issues. Contact Carbon2018 for further information.