Take Control

From installation of power supplies through to procurement, Carbon 2018 will deliver on time and in budget and is able to remove the uncertainty surrounding a building’s electrical infrastructure.

Carbon2018 delivers a range of services that cover all aspects of energy management and related matters. From the initial design stages of development through to practical completion, or simply to improve the energy management capabilities in a building.

Developer Services 

When many parties are involved in the completion of a project, communication often breaks down; causing delays that often prove costly. Carbon2018 is able to act on a consultancy basis throughout a project; ensuring specifications cover all required aspects to comply with energy legislation. Carbon2018 has extensive knowledge of the industry regulations and understands how these dramatically impact on development works. This is crucial when sizing supplies and securing lead times required for works to be undertaken by industry operators.

Developer Services include:

  • Full project management and liaison between contractors and industry operators
  • Sizing of electricity, gas and water services
  • Supply installations
  • Meter installations
  • Supply registration
  • Check metering and data logging – from specification to installation
  • Resolution where previous project management has broken down

End User Services 

With increasing awareness of the importance of energy management, many organisations are choosing to upgrade and improve the energy provisions within a building, and in turn the management of facilities.

End User Services include:

  • Provide metering and data logging specifications for the purpose of energy management and apportionment of tenant and landlord charges
  • Power supply upgrades
  • Supply and meter installations
  • Supply registration
  • Review of Available Capacity and Annual Quantity
  • Isolations (Infrastructure Surveys) and provision of schematics

Carbon2018 is able to remove the uncertainty surrounding a building’s electrical infrastructure by undertaking isolation testing on both electricity and gas supplies. Carbon 2018 can establish exactly what is fed by each individual meter whether it is a supply or sub meter. This affords the identification of undisputed tenant charges. In order to recover costs, this process can be utilised for the identification of errors in infrastructure and also areas of a building that require further metering. Carbon2018 also provides schematics following this process, which frequently prove invaluable to building management.

Why Carbon2018?

  • Experienced project managers
  • Ensures projects delivered on time and within budget
  • Understanding of industry processes and regulation
  • Senior Level Industry Contacts
  • Fully Qualified Chartered Engineers, Chartered Surveyors and Electrical Technicians