Providing quality assurance through independent, accurate advice and solutions.

In multi-tenanted buildings, apportioned charges need to be calculated fairly and must withstand tenant scrutiny. Carbon2018’s landlord/tenant specialists respond to this requirement providing a detailed and thorough report for each apportionment period.

Why Carbon2018?

  • A proven track record in apportioning landlord and tenant charges for both simple and complex buildings
  • A bespoke methodology is agreed with the landlord prior to commencement and is provided within the report to assist in the explanation of charges to tenants
  • Carbon2018 understands the complexities of apportioning charges such as out of hours
  • Carbon2018 has a dedicated team to manage all landlord/tenant enquiries
  • Carbon2018 reports highlight any usage anomalies allowing further investigation and identification of any possible controls issues
  • Vast experience in check meter installation solutions to provide actual usage for accurate calculation of charges
  • Independent calculation, giving tenants peace of mind.