Energy Lens Portal

Carbon2018's Energy Lens Portal provides a simpler way to manage your company's sustainability, energy & water objectives.

Carbon2018’s Energy Lens Portal is a web based system comprising of five sections, which together provide a complete solution to the storage and management of all data relating to utilities and energy.

  1. Knowledge Centre - includes a repository for all building and maintenance related documentation and CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) Special Events Log;
  2. Forum;
  3. Chronos - Meter Reading Submission Site;
  4. eSight - Energy Management Software;
  5. Maintenance Diary.

Business Benefits:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Enhanced CSR credentials
  • Cost effective management of energy
  • Control & analysis of financial, energy, water & sustainability data
  • Assists mandatory & voluntary carbon reporting
  • CRC reporting & allowance costs
  • Energy & carbon reduction
  • Service charge & demised space control

Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre allows clients to access up-to-date information for their portfolio, including supply data, copies of their utility contracts, contract analysis documentation, utility invoices, tenant apportionments, periodic electrical inspection reports and any other reports produced by Carbon2018 in relation to the portfolio.

The Portal’s ability to upload and file utility invoices is a direct benefit for CRC management as billing is stored and accessed centrally.

In addition, the system offers an events log to allow clients to keep a record of important events, which impact on the energy usage within the building. These event logs are also required for CRC evidence packs.

Maintenance Diary

All properties have a requirement for regular planned and preventative maintenance. The portal provides a repository for building and maintenance related documentation. In addition, as all maintenance is cyclical, the portal can provide alerts to ensure regular inspections and reporting requirements are carried out in good time. These could include, for example, air conditioning inspections, fixed wire inspections and the reporting requirements for CRC.

Chronos - Meter Reading Submission Site

Click here to download Chronos datasheet.

Chronos is a free service offered by Carbon2018. The benefit of the system is twofold:

  • Firstly, the input of meter readings into the system enables clients to capture energy usage data which can be used for reporting requirements (such as CRC).
  • Secondly, meter readings are automatically sent to the supplier to reduce the risk of estimated billing, thereby minimising the associated administrative burden and risk of CRC penalties. Click here to launch Chronos

eSight Energy Management Software

eSight is an energy analysis software solution. For supplies with half hourly /AMR metering, half hourly data can be uploaded to the system and used to undertake a range of energy analysis techniques such as reviewing consumption profiles, load profiles, baseload analysis, and maximum demand analysis. This data can be represented in a number of graphical formats or exported to excel if access to raw data is required.

Energy Lens Forum

The Energy Lens Forum is a tool to facilitate best-practice sharing dialogue between your company's Building Managers, Facilities Managers, Surveyors and other stakeholders.